Thursday, October 8, 2009

Buying a Townhome!

Woohoo! I'm finally going to have a place to call my own! I've been regretting not buying my own place for about three years now, ever since I got out of the navy and settled for a crappy apartment in Edwardsville, IL because I didn't give myself enough time to find a place to buy there before starting my new job there. So finally, two jobs and three years later, I'm going to own my own place!

It's not huge and its far from my dream home but it is definitely something and fits my needs very nicely.

These are the pictures from the model they have set up for tours.

Needless to say, I'm super excited about the whole thing!


Jesse said...

Looks amazing

John said...

Thanks, would be even better if all that stuff was mine instead of the decorations for the model home.

Rosabela said...

Hi John,
Congrats on your new place! I know the feeling of owning a home and it's rewarding knowing that you could do it on your own. Unfortunately, I had to sell my home before moving to Germany. We couldn't afford to keep it up while living abroad. Everyone here rents cuz houses are expensive to buy (you also need 30-50% down payment) but hopefully one day we'll buy one that suits our needs.

Thanks for stopping by the other day! And congrats again on your new place. Gorgeous house even without the 'model furniture'.