Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stolen a foot and a half

So I stole this idea for the author of A foot and a half, which you can get to from the link on the right of this page. I highly recommend checking it out since it is very well written and Jesse does a great job of bringing the funny.

The idea that I'm stealing from him is exploring where the "next" button at the top of this page will lead me. I'm doing it in part because I'm a bit curious to see what others are writing and because the only other thing I have to do at the moment is calc homework and I would just rather not do that right now.

So, here goes...

Empty advertisement blog - next

Art Blog - next

3 posts of poorly written poetry - next

Blog from a high school age guy in India. Actually seems like it could be interesting except it is relatively new and he just doesn't have many posts yet - next

Blog dedicated to MMA - next

Poorly translated Japanese Blog - next

Untranslated Japanese Blog - next

Untranslated Korean Blog - next (I'm starting to lose hope of finding anything interesting)

Untranslated Spanish Blog - next

Song of the day blog (might be interested if our taste was at all similar... it's not) - next

At this point I've given up on keeping track of uninteresting blogs - next, next, next... next.

Found one with Regina Spektor drinking vodka as the background for the title. I have to think there is a good chance I would be interested in this one if not for it being written in Russian - next

Went through a few more and I've now given up. I'm not sure how Jesse managed to get so luck as to find an interesting blog so quickly. Most of what I found seemed to be about the obsessions of various teeny-bopper Asian girls and poorly written advertisements.


Oreo said...

Good luck with that, lol

Jesse said...

I shortened that list on my blog. In actuality I probably sat there for an hour clicking "Next" before I found something interesting.

I've always joked:

There are only 3 blogs in the world:
A) Blogs in Spanish
B) Blogs of pictures/art
C) Blogs of people's children

That being said, I did get really lucky. As I continue the story, you'll see where that particular day of clicking "Next Blog" has lead me.

John said...

Yeah, I cut my list down a lot, I probably spent about a half an hour clicking through various blogs. I may take another shot at it later, but for now I've had my fill of pictures of overly feminine looking 20-something Asian men posted by teenage Asian girls.